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E-Procurement and Special District Governments

In the United States, special district governments, also known as special purpose districts, are uniquely independent units of government that operate with a significant level of financial and administrative autonomy. Essentially, special districts are created to handle the administration of services that are considered outside the purview of country and municipal governments. Examples of services managed by special purpose districts include transit networks, airports, libraries and recreational facilities, highways, regional water and sewage infrastructure, fire departments, and hospitals. Currently, there are nearly 40,000 special district governments operating in the United States.

Increasingly, special districts across the nation are expected to streamline costs and reduce spending wherever possible. When adapting to new budgetary constraints and increased expectations of efficiency, transparency and compliance, there are several steps special districts can take to ensure they meet these challenges head-on.

Nathan Munn |

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E-Procurement and Special District Governments
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