Audit & Reporting

Create in-depth reports or go granular using SourceSuite's robust reporting features.

Audit & Reporting

The ability to create, publish and share actionable and engaging reports with just a few clicks has become an indispensable part of sourcing and procurement. SourceSuite supports full reporting and activity tracking for each SourceSuite feature, providing near-limitless options for authorized users when generating reports about procurement initiatives. SourceSuite's Report Menu provides an overview of the robust selection of reporting options available within a given module. Managerial and departmental reports can be configured and generated with a click of a button.


  • Configure reporting and tracking within each SourceSuite feature
  • Easily generate activity reports by department, vendor location or classification code
  • Download document, vendor and individual solicitation statistics as needed
  • Integrate registration and classification of minority-owned and women-owned businesses


  • Create detailed, customized reports within each SourceSuite feature, or combine data feeds for in-depth managerial reports
  • Search and classify reporting data by vendor, solicitation, department, region or classification code
  • Track all document changes and vendor activity, ensuring that required parties are 'in the loop'

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The amount of reporting that is right at your fingertips is amazing, your board can no longer question how many vendors bids were sent out to.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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