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Explore how our customers are realizing savings and creating value with mdf commerce e-procurement solutions.


Configurable Solution

Chaves County Testimonial Logo"The purchasing solution is set up to change with us, they are really in tune to what our needs are and I give them compliments for addressing the changing times and new agencies that come on. The service is really easy to look at, it's great to use, the vendors love it and it represents New Mexico well."Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

Time for Strategic Initiatives

Allegheny County Testimonial Logo"By using our system, our purchasing agents now spend less time on tactical activities such as copying and mailing and more time on strategic projects to save even more money."Director of Purchasing, Allegheny County

Procurement System

Santa Rosa County School District Testimonial Logo“I don't think it will be long before purchasing professionals and vendors alike wonder how we ever existed without this type of (procurement) system."Judson Crane, Santa Rosa County School Board

Limited Staff & Resources

City of Hutto Testimonial Logo“Texas Purchasing Group offered us a chance to play with the big boys even with limited staffing, budgeting and resources.”Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

Win For Vendors & Buyers

Greenburgh Central Schools Testimonial Logo“It’s a win-win situation for the district and its vendors—the vendors have free, centralized access to bid opportunities from multiple agencies, while we benefit from increased vendor competition and process automation.”Ronald O. Ross, Superintendent, Greenburgh Central School District No. 7

Saving Time & Money

Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority Testimonial Logo“The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System will provide vendors easy access to bid opportunities, addendums and bid results from the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority. The system will also save us time and money since we will no longer have to print hundreds of pages of documents for each vendor.”Michael Fronapfel, Deputy Director of Planning & Development, Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority

Lowering Costs

Detroit Library Testimonial Logo“As part of the Purchasing Group we will be able to lower costs for both our agency and its vendors, which is critical in the current economic climate.”Mike McElgunn, Purchasing Manager, Detroit Public Library


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