Transportation Procurement Solutions

We offer procurement professionals a secure and configurable solution to streamline the purchasing process.

Transportation Procurement Solutions

The transportation industry faces continued challenges in the form of changing regulations, emerging technologies, fluctuating market conditions and evolving consumer expectations. In addition, the sheer volume of regulations and paperwork associated with transportation procurement can be overwhelming. mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing can help simplify the purchasing process. With our secure e-procurement solution, the advantages in Transportation Procurement begin the day you prepare your first RFP online. Accelerate activity throughout the bidding process with simple and quick RFP preparation, improved supplier communication, streamlined processes, centralized bid data and fully audited information. mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing provides an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the bid process for all your procurement needs, including major construction projects, major stock purchases as well as goods, commodities and services. Discover how mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing customers within your sector of transportation procurement have evolved their procurement process with our solution:


our cloud-based e-procurement solution offers easy-to-use bid and vendor management tools for airport purchasing professionals.

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Our e-procurement solution facilitates transparency and accountability in the purchasing process for organizations providing bus services.

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mdf commerce provides the robust functionality needed to streamline the purchasing process for expressway authorities.

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Trains & Rail

Our e-procurement solution is fully configurable, and provides easy-to-use bid and vendor management tools for railway procurement departments.

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The system will also save us time and money since we will no longer have to print hundreds of pages of documents for each vendor.

Michael Fronapfel, Deputy Director of Planning & Development, Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority

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