Bus Transportation Procurement Solutions

Our e-procurement solution facilitates transparency and accountability for organizations providing bus services.

Bus Transportation Procurement Solutions

Transportation authorities and transit companies providing bus services throughout the country are experiencing changes in their customers’ expectations, while also adapting to rapid technological advancements and changing market conditions. Your fleet of buses and vans provide transit options that need to be backed up by reliable and cost-efficient business processes to ensure your customers arrive to their destinations on-time. With logistics at the core of your business, your procurement process needs to be streamlined and nimble. The mdf commerce e-procurement solution facilitates transparency and accountability by streamlining supplier management and document distribution to increase overall efficiency within the purchasing department. Our secure, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution ensures bid and RFP information is available to all internal stakeholders and the purchasing team.

Benefits for Bus Transportation Organizations

  • Save time and money by going paperless using the mdf commerce online document distribution and electronic bid submission features
  • Robust document and supplier management features support major construction projects and major stock purchases, as well as services and commodities
  • Configurable supplier management allows for easy integration of pre-qualification programs, invitational bidding and supplier rotation
  • Increase transparency effortlessly, knowing each step of the bidding process is fully tracked and audited including bid documents, supplier participation and bid results
  • Faster RFP preparation and publication by using solicitation templates and pre-determined configurable information fields

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By using our system, our purchasing agents now spend less time on tactical activities such as copying and mailing and more time on strategic projects to save the County even more money.

Director of Purchasing, Allegheny County

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