Expressway Transportation Procurement Solutions

We provide the robust functionality needed to streamline the purchasing process for expressway authorities.

Expressway Transportation Procurement Solutions

Transportation agencies, expressway authorities and transportation companies provide the infrastructure that drivers use in their daily lives. Maintaining reliable expressways ensures that both people and transported goods within a region reach their destination. The destinations of procurement departments within expressway transportation organizations are not always clear. With continuing changes to regulations, driver expectations and market conditions, many procurement challenges can arise. mdf commerce e-procurement solutions provide the bid and supplier management tools needed to streamline your purchasing process. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-procurement solution facilitates transparency by integrating supplier management, document distribution, auditing and accountability processes, improving overall efficiency within the procurement department.

Benefits for Expressways

  • Increase efficiency and decrease costs with online document distribution and electronic bid submission
  • Configurable supplier management features include pre-qualification programs, invitational bidding and supplier rotation
  • Processes are transparent, fully tracked and audited, including your bid documents, supplier participation and results
  • Enjoy faster RFP preparation and distribution by using provided solicitation templates and organizational pre-determined fields
  • Collaborative approval workflow is configurable to organizational needs

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By using our system, our purchasing agents now spend less time on tactical activities such as copying and mailing and more time on strategic projects to save the County even more money.

Director of Purchasing, Allegheny County

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