Railway Transportation Procurement Solutions

Our e-procurement solution is fully configurable, and provides easy-to-use bid and vendor management tools for railways.

Railway Transportation Procurement Solutions

The transportation industry is undergoing change in many areas: technology, consumer expectations and regulatory processes are all evolving on a regular basis. Railways are making efforts within procurement departments to improve productivity of current assets, along with implementing necessary modernization initiatives. From development of commuter rail and rapid transit systems, to integration of safety equipment with existing infrastructure, a procurement professional has to juggle a wide spectrum of rail-specific construction projects and services. Train and rail purchasing professionals using mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing solutions benefit from robust, easy-to-use bid and vendor management tools. We understand that you have transportation regulations, policies and procedures to follow. The mdf commerce e-procurement solution is fully configurable and allows for custom work-flow approvals while providing extensive reporting options and efficient internal client management features. mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing streamlines the bidding process with efficient RFP preparation, configurable online pre-qualification, improved contractor communication, centralized data and in-depth reporting and auditing available at a glance.

Benefits for Expressways

  • Easily add transparency and diversity to your supplier pool by automating compliance processes
  • Automatically maintain lists of pre-qualified engineers, contractors and businesses, optionally extend contractor pre-qualification requirements per opportunity or at bidder registration
  • Enhance productivity at each stage of procurement by using automated bid and contractor management tools
  • Easily manage internal client access to documents, addenda and supplier information
  • Configure collaborative approval workflows according to your railway organization’s needs

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By using our system, our purchasing agents now spend less time on tactical activities such as copying and mailing and more time on strategic projects to save the County even more money.

Director of Purchasing, Allegheny County

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