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BidNet Reveals Enhanced E-Procurement Solution: SourceSuite

BidNet Reveals Enhanced E-Procurement Solution: SourceSuite

ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 26, 2013) -- BidNet, a leading government e-procurement service provider, has officially announced its enhanced solution for bid and supplier management, SourceSuite. The solution was revealed today at the 2013 NIGP Forum's exhibit hall in Orlando.

SourceSuite is a cloud-based, SaaS solution designed for purchasing professionals. Its new technology creates an efficient, centralized e-purchasing process for individual organizations or communities of like-minded regional organizations.

Founded in 1999, BidNet's current e-procurement solution helps more than 900 government agencies and 8,000 purchasing professionals across the country. Its buyers have increased vendor outreach and transparency, while also making it easier for suppliers to connect with public business opportunities.

SourceSuite will continue to provide solutions to all current BidNet e-procurement solution users and will offer new end users a quick and configurable sourcing solution.

SoruceSuite offers its customers features including bid and award management, automated supplier management, paperless electronic document distribution, integration with ERP and other financial software, full audit tracking and extensive reporting. Its services evolve with buyers' business requirements and offer customizable platforms. Some other benefits include:

  • RFP, RFQ and Solicitation Management
  • Increased Vendor Competition and Transparency
  • Supplier Registration, Profile and Custom Attributes
  • Supplier Qualification and Invitational Bidding
  • Buyer Dashboard, Custom Reports and Approval Workflows
  • Bid Library and Solicitation Searches
  • Bid Evaluation and Award Results
  • Electronic Bidding and Evaluation
  • Live Customer Support

"SourceSuite is further enhancing BidNet's e-procurement solution for buying organizations across the country. We are making the purchasing process more efficient while cutting costs," said Dan Ansell, VP of BidNet. "SourceSuite provides a configurable approach to cloud-based procurement, putting the purchasing organization in the driver's seat. Our service adapts, creating a platform that matches your procurement requirements."

Interested buying organizations can call SourceSuite to learn how to simplify their purchasing process and/or request a demo.


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