Making the Change to e-Procurement

Making the Change to e-Procurement

Making the Change to e-Procurement

For employees and managers alike, the prospect of fundamental change coming to the workplace is rarely welcome news. Regardless of title, position, or industry sector, we are all naturally inclined to continue with our current processes, to do things the way we have always done them. Resistance to change is not rooted in laziness, nor is it a character flaw - the desire to repeat "what works" is just part of being human. Despite this, it is beyond question that well-planned process changes, when justified with quantifiable data, can lead directly to beneficial results for organizations.

While the desire to avoid change is natural, it is not always rational, and is often driven strictly by a desire to continue using procedures that have become the norm. However if individuals and organizations had historically followed this impulse on its own merits, avoiding change for no other reason than to ‘stay the same’, then virtually all instances of innovation, technical improvement, and scientific discovery would never have occurred: there would be no automobile, no airplane, no internet - and almost certainly no organizations complex enough to require dedicated purchasing departments.

Professionals understand that implementing change of any kind inevitably leads to resistance, but they also understand that inefficiencies and unnecessarily complex processes are far more costly to an organization than the challenge involved with rolling out new procedures and adapting to the resulting changes. Ultimately, the individuals in charge of making high-level decisions have the knowledge – and the numbers – needed to balance the cost of doing nothing against the cost of making changes, and when the numbers make sense, they can approach the idea of change with certainty and resolve.

The Changing World of Procurement

Procurement managers are adapting to a changing industry. The advent of electronic purchasing has prompted many of the issues associated with procurement – bid transparency, financial auditing, and regulatory compliance, to name a few - to be shifted out of obscurity and into popular discussion. The issues faced by modern purchasing departments align with the concerns being felt across private and public organizations: how best to improve operations while working with reduced budgets, making sure compliance objectives are met and properly documented, and ensuring that every dollar of spend is accounted for are questions that many businesses are seeking to answer in 2014.

With these challenges in mind, the benefits of electronic procurement become increasingly clear. The automation of resource-intensive processes including compliance, document distribution, vendor communication, and auditing allows purchasing departments to significantly reduce the time needed to complete procurement orders, while improving transparency and project ROI.

SourceSuite Procurement Software as a Service

The efficiency gains and resource savings that can be achieved by transitioning to SourceSuite e-procurement solutions are many. SourceSuite provides robust automation and purchasing management tools designed to streamline the workflow of procurement managers, increasing efficiency during solicitation publishing, document distribution, vendor pre-qualification, and bid awarding. Integration of SourceSuite with organizations’ existing ERP and financial administration system is simple. The user-friendly process is made even easier by SourceSuite’s dedicated client support team, available to assist in the transition process from start to finish.

Short-Term Transition, Long-Term Benefits

It can be challenging to alter the established processes of purchasing departments, but the immediate benefits gained as a result of adopting electronic procurement far outweigh the hurdles encountered during the transition period. It is important to remain focused on the long-term gains that will be enjoyed as a result of the short-term transition to e-procurement: employees will no longer be hampered by time-consuming and morale-compromising manual processes like document mail-outs and vendor cold calls. Purchasing managers will know that their entire supplier pool has been pre-qualified for certification and compliance requirements before accepting a single bid. Accounting departments will be relieved to know that every dollar of a project’s budget is documented and accounted for in a single database, accessible for auditing at any time.

With SourceSuite, improving the procurement process is easy, cost effective and instantly beneficial for procurement managers, administrators and purchasing teams – not to mention the buying organization’s bottom line.

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