Moving the Purchasing Process Forward

Moving the Purchasing Process Forward

Moving the Purchasing Process Forward

Within the purchasing and procurement profession, many expect another year with the same pain points and struggles as before. It's time to move the purchasing process forward. SourceSuite e-procurement solutions enable companies and public organizations to simplify their purchasing processes through bid and vendor management. Resolve to make 2014 more efficient than previous years with a new set of goals for your professional role and the purchasing department as a whole.

Distribution of Documents

Whether it is formal or informal solicitations, an addendum or award information, documents have to be distributed to vendors. Resolve to make distribution easier on yourself and more efficient, all while saving time and money. Moving your distribution process online can save thousands of dollars in printing costs for your organization. It can also drastically reduce the amount of time spent by your purchasing team stuffing envelopes and mailing information to vendors. Electronic distribution via email or online is an effective delivery method for all vendor documents. Within both the private and public sectors, saving time has become especially important considering recent cuts to resources. SourceSuite customers are able to save hours of time on each addendum by not having to print, stuff, and label to get the addendum out to their vendors. After uploading the addenda on a SourceSuite e-purchasing system, with one click of a button all vendors are alerted to the addendum of the original solicitation in less than a minute. Saving time is a reduction that any purchasing department can afford. Decide to save your organization and staff both time and money for years to come by distributing your documents electronically.

Vendor Management

Wouldn't it be nice to see all of the potential vendors for an upcoming proposal request at a glance? SourceSuite's e-procurement software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows your purchasing team and internal clients to see the activities of its vendor database. Placing bidder registration online and in the hands of the vendors saves resource time within your organization, and organizes all supplier information in a centralized, convenient location. Bid history, detailed tracking of document downloads, business commodity codes, location and other information related to your vendor database are readily available on the SourceSuite e-procurement system. Make it a goal to increase the qualified vendors to drive down the costs of your organization's upcoming expenditures. Supplier qualification can be another challenge involving a lot of paperwork.. Ease this task with an online pre-qualification form available for all interested vendors. Although some manual checks will still have to be run, an automated online pre-qualification form saves both time and money.

Borrowing Solicitations

SourceSuite customers have access to the BidNet national bid library which holds tens of thousands of RFPs, specs and bid documents for virtually every construction, commodity and service fulfillment. Specifications for a service that your procurement team may not be familiar with can easily be found by searching the bid library. Save your purchasing department some time and "borrow" a pre-written bid document, simply making adjustments to it to fit your unique purchasing needs. Sharing resources, including a solicitation database, can be a real time saver for purchasing departments with a tightened budget and limited resources. SourceSuite customers who use the national bid library have cut their RFP writing process significantly and are able to focus on other strategic procurement initiatives.

Finding the Right Solution for Purchasing Resolutions

Wouldn't it be wonderful to increase your vendor competition overnight and alert them electronically of new formal bids?

From uploading and distributing documents in under 5 minutes, to the ability to rotate suppliers, to full tracking reports, SourceSuite offers your organization a complete suite of bid and vendor management tools. Start to move your purchasing process forward with a SourceSuite e-procurement cloud based solution.

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