We have your Procurement Solution.

A fully transparent procurement solution through comprehensive reporting, solicitation, award and supplier management

Solution Features

The mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing cloud-based procurement solution provides robust tools that configure to your needs. Each of our main modules has many unique advantages to help increase your procurement team’s efficiency and cost savings. Please take a moment to look through the features and benefits of each of our main solutions: Bidder & Supplier Management, Solicitation Management, Bid & Award Management and Reports & Auditing. The strategic soucing suite has a wide range of benefits configured to improve your procurement process.

Solicitation Management

An extensive Solicitation Management solution, making it easy to manage each step of the bidding process.

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Supplier & Bidder Management

Automated supplier and bidder management, making it easy to build relationships with qualified vendors.

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Bid & Award Management

Configurable bid and award management to easily accept and review supplier quotes and proposals.

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Reports & Auditing

Ensures that every step of your bidding process is logged for auditing, and can be reviewed at a glance.

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