Track & Audit Every Step of the Bidding Process

Ensure that each piece of data is audited and tracked throughout the bidding process.

Audit, Control & Data Measurement

We understand the importance of providing a transparent environment for all parties involved with the purchasing process. The ability to easily create and share actionable reports has become an integral part of the sourcing process. The mdf commerce e-procurement solution, part of the overall Strategic Sourcing offering, assists the internal control process with custom dashboards and detailed reporting, linking comprehensive business intelligence with a full audit trail and individually configured buyer access levels. Internal and external stakeholders benefit from increased visibility throughout the entire sourcing cycle. Our complex data analysis and extensive reporting features reflect your unique buying organization’s needs. With easy-to-export information, its easy to measure and analyze important data throughout the bidding process.

Key Challenges

  • Data Collection
  • Vendor Participation
  • Transparency

Data Collection & Reporting

The mdf commerce e-procurement solution tracks all solicitation and award activity automatically, and provides the data for exporting by time period or for a specific bid or RFP. Data including vendors who qualified for an opportunity, details regarding which suppliers downloaded documents, and who responded to a solicitation are all available with one click in the secure e-procurment environment. Vendor statistics, solicitation information and detailed bid statistics are available in pre-configured reports. In addition, create your own reports with our Custom Report feature, giving you control of what data to report. All data collected is owned by the buying organization and the solution enables access to online reporting and detailed custom reports 24 hours a day. Reported data can be integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or exported to your financial or accounting systems for further analysis.

Supplier & Document Audits

With the mdf commerce e-procurement solutions, it is easy to track and control which suppliers have downloaded your RFP documents and addenda at any given time. We understand the importance of connecting with quality suppliers. From reports on available bidders for a specific commodity code, to the number of vendors downloading documents, it’s important for your agency to easily monitor supplier activity. Supplier Diversity Programs or other mandated supplier guidelines can be configured using custom reporting, to be easily exported and shared with stakeholders. Through our document tracking, you’ll know exactly which suppliers have viewed and/or downloaded your posted related proposal and addenda documents: the in-depth tracking and auditing features provide the exact time and date each document was viewed by a vendor. All data is maintained securely on our cloud-based platform, meaning you’ll be able to view and export reports at any time.

Transparent Process

Whether it is the president of the company, the board of directors or elected officials, someone has questions about the sourcing process. The e-procurement solution's reporting capability makes those answers easy to deliver with extensive tracking and reporting features. Transparency has always been an important part of publicly funded procurement, and it is increasingly a concern within the private sector as well. The system tracks the purchasing process from beginning to end, with configurable reporting tools able to extract any number of data points for true transparency within your organization and for outside stakeholders. An additional level of security and transparency is provided by collaborative and configurable Approval Workflow, which allows you to easily define who has the right to access, edit, or publish solicitations within the procurement workflow of your organization. All reporting and tracking statistics can be viewed in our secure online environment, giving your organization access to the reports they need, when they need them.

Full Audit & Tracking Reports

Create in-depth reports or go granular using the robust reporting features.

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Custom Reports

Generate custom reports that meet your needs using data from multiple e-procurement modules.

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Buyer Dashboard

View your organization’s procurement activities in real-time within a configurable, actionable dashboard.

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Approval Workflows

Easily define who can access, edit, or distribute information within a workflow.

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The amount of reporting that is right at your fingertips is amazing, your board can no longer question how many vendors bids were sent out to.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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