Customized Solicitation Options for Your Buyers

Save time and resources with comprehensive solicitation and document management tools.

Bid & RFP Management

The mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing solution streamlines your organization’s procurement process by providing a robust, configurable bid management solution. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution ensures all bid proposals are handled electronically in a secure and auditable environment. Organizations using the Strategic Sourcing suite see significant time and cost savings compared to traditional methods of identifying, categorizing and communicating with suppliers. Our e-procurement solution provides configurable document distribution options and in-depth reporting features, making it easy to rapidly issue a solicitation, manage documents and addenda, respond to requests for information, evaluate bid responses and audit supplier communications. The Strategic Sourcing portfolio delivers a powerful, time-saving solution for bid and proposal management.

Key Challenges

  • RFP Information Control
  • Distribution Costs
  • Document Management
  • Supplier Identification

Centralize & Review Procurement Information

The Strategic Sourcing portfolio provides a streamlined solution for handling documents and supplier communications, centralizing your processes in one secure and configurable environment. Documents, supplier information, quote requests and supplier responses are always available to authorized users, regardless of their location. Configurable workflow approvals and internal client management allow for complete control over which internal and external users have access to document and bid information.

Save Time & Lower the Cost of Distributing Documents

Reduce administrative, printing and postage costs associated with document distribution while ensuring that suppliers receive your RFP or RFQ and related addenda with a click of the mouse. Our customers save hours of time on each addendum by not having to print and send original documents to vendors and wait for responses. The solution ensures that all qualified vendors are notified simultaneously about information requests, proposals or modifications through electronic distribution. Suppliers receiving documents can access and view information without delay, avoiding the inefficiency of paper document distribution.

Configurable Document & Bid Options

The document management feature enables flexibility when publishing notifications and distributing supporting documents. Save time and ensure up-to-date information when uploading notifications using configurable templates and customized options available within our Bid Notice Creation feature. Publish notifications in a simple summary paragraph or include detailed line items to receive individual bids. Customers have the flexibility to indicate the type of responses they wish to receive, whether online, hard copy or both on a per-bid basis. Easily attach documents to the original notification or provide additional documents and addendum after the initial solicitation has been published. The solution supports all file types associated with goods, services, and construction projects, enabling vendors to quickly view and download important information from any location.

Easily Identify Qualified Suppliers

With mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing solutions enable you to easily identify qualified suppliers and invite them to participate in a sourcing request. Estimated supplier competition can be established pre-bid with our online supplier database, including the selection of commodity and service codes to pinpoint the suppliers you want to notify. The portfolio offers an online, configurable pre-qualification form built from your existing qualification program. In addition, robust supplier tools including supplier rotation and invitational bidding add to the functionality of the supplier management module. Notify vendors automatically of solicitations, addenda, supporting documentation and bid award information. The solution tracks all supplier bid activity automatically, enabling you to verify that suppliers have received and reviewed all bid documents and addenda.

RFP & Bid Notice Creation

Automatically notify your suppliers of bid opportunities that match their exact qualifications.

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Document Management

Distribute documents, specifications and addenda to your vendors instantly and securely.

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Addendum Management

Publish document modifications, notify suppliers of changes and verify that addenda have been received.

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Supplier Qualification

Ensure vendors are pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form.

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Audit & Reporting

Create in-depth reports or go granular using the robust reporting features.

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In the past I would receive several phone calls a day from vendors about our bidding process. The Bid System has let me point them to something where all our bids are centralized. Everyone is playing by the same rules. I think this is very important in the purchasing world.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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