Configurable & Easily Integrated E-Procurement Solution

Easily manage your purchasing process with a solution that integrates with your existing ERP and accounting systems.

Configurable & Easy Integration

mdf commerce procurement modules and features have been developed with the understanding that every organization is different. Our highly configurable e-procurement solution is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which minimizes your IT staff's involvement and makes implementation quick and easy. Our solution can be integrated with existing financial and ERP systems, ensuring all information is properly managed. Our configurable and adaptable SaaS solutions streamline the purchasing process so that you can get back to strategic procurement and smarter purchasing.

Key Challenges

  • Software
  • Business Application Integration
  • Custom Needs

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Because the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing portfolio is SaaS-based meaning there is no software for your IT team to install and no downloads for your users. Your buying organization can be up and running in days with no involvement from IT resources. If you have access to the internet, you have the ability to implement our secure and configurable e-procurement solution into your business. Our customers eliminate the cost and time required to implement and maintain equipment hardware and software.

Integration with your Business Applications

Effortless integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and accounting connects the e-procurement system data with your on-premises, existing business applications. We understand the importance of keeping data sets up-to-date and accessible across multiple platforms. In many cases this can be a challenging and costly endeavor. The mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing suite ensures continuity of data across management systems with a simple integration of data feeds for most ERP or financial systems. Important information such as supplier information, bid notification feeds, contract management, and financial information can be integrated with a few simple clicks, further increasing your organization’s efficiency.

Configurable to your Needs

Our highly configurable SaaS solution can address your needs without the cost of customized development and architecture. From supplier pre-qualification and compliance programs to extensive workflows and reporting, nearly each function and feature within the mdf commerce e-procurement platform is configurable and scalable to your organization’s needs. Our customers can easily scale the solution both in number of users and supported processes, as our e-procurement modules continue to expand. We put our customer in the driver’s seat of their e-procurement system. The e-procurement system can be quickly adapted to deliver a sourcing solution that matches your business requirements. You get a custom purchasing solution without the cost or extensive time that usually is equated with customization.

System Interfaces & Data Feeds

Integrate with existing ERP and accounting solutions in just a few clicks.

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Supplier Custom Attributes

Define specific attributes or requirements that suppliers must possess in order to bid on an opportunity.

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Custom Reports

Generate custom reports that meet your needs using data from multiple e-procurement modules.

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Solicitation Management

Centralize all procurement activity and audit individual workflows from one location.

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RFP & Bid Notice Creation

Automatically notify your suppliers of bid opportunities that match their exact qualifications.

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Supplier Qualification

Ensure vendors are pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form.

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The purchasing solution is set up to change with us, they are really in tune to what our needs are and I give them compliments for addressing the changing times and new agencies that come on. The service is really easy to look at, it's great to use, the vendors love it and it represents New Mexico well.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director , Chaves County

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