E-Sourcing with Software as a Service

Quick implementation time and configurable features offer a robust e-sourcing SaaS solution for your buying organization.

E-Sourcing with a Software as a Service SaaS Solution

mdf commerce e-procurement SaaS software allows customers to enjoy the benefits of traditional procurement software security, without taking on hosting costs or tolerating downtime resulting from the software updating process. Data such as bid information and related documentation is stored and hosted on the e-procurement cloud but still owned by the customer, ensuring that buying organizations benefit from the security of cloud storage while doing away with resource-intensive upkeep of project records. Updates to the procurement software are done automatically via the internet, and customers do not have to have specific hardware or equipment installed to run SaaS products.

Software as a Service is the best option available to companies considering an investment in procurement software. Often referred to as ‘the cloud’, procurement software as a service is robust, powerful software that is deployed online rather than installed on individual computers, allowing administrative functions to be performed from any location where internet access is available.

Key Challenges:

  • Long implementation time frame
  • IT and technical involvement 
  • Future expansion and changes
  • Customized equates to higher costs

Quick Implementation of Procurement SaaS

E-procurement systems of the software as a service model allow for rapid implementation with an organization’s current infrastructure environment. The mdf commerce sourcing suite delivers a powerful, cloud-based solution that can be up and running for your business within a short time. The decentralized nature of data storage in the cloud means that no special equipment is required to integrate the solution portfolio with your current business processes, making our software-as-a-service solution the top choice for rapid installation and deployment.

Procurement Software & IT involvement

The mdf commerce sourcing suite allows for complete integration of our e-sourcing solution without requiring the use of valuable internal IT resources. The installation process is highly automated, and delivers benefits and reduced costs from the moment the software is brought online. Fewer IT resources needed for integration means lower business costs for buying organizations.

Procurement Software Updates

As a SaaS solution, the updating process is entirely automated and occurs seamlessly in the background during normal working operations. Our expert developers work continually to refine and improve the SourceSuite e-sourcing solution, and buying organizations enjoy the benefits of regular software fixes and increased functionality with every automatic update that we implement.

Configurable Procurement Software

E-sourcing with the mdf commerce strategic sourcing portfolio is a highly configurable process, allowing purchasing managers to define their own workflows, design custom dashboards to follow the most important projects and processes, and set up automated notifications for suppliers and vendors as necessary. The ability to customize any procurement process makes our solution the top choice for purchasing professionals who are seeking to streamline supply chain and benefit from tangible efficiency improvements.

System Interfaces & Data Feeds 

Integrate with existing ERP and accounting solutions in just a few clicks.

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Supplier Qualification

Ensure vendors are pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form.

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Invitational Bidding

Invite preferred suppliers to bid on opportunities that meet their specializations.

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Supplier Registration & Profile 

Automatically pre-qualify suppliers and meet compliance requirements before receiving bids.

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I remember getting on the copier and making 20 copies of a bid, putting it in envelopes, tracking right addresses, and putting tons of postage on everything to distribute, as well as standing at the fax machine for an entire afternoon faxing addenda and verifying receipts. Now the process takes me less than five minutes to distribute a bid and about a minute to post an addendum, no postage necessary. The distribution is so simple.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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