Automate your Supplier Management Process

Eliminate manual processes with configurable features to simplify your purchasing.

Automate your Supplier Management and Procurement Process

Are you looking to increase your qualified competition and centralize your bidder database? Managing a buying organization’s supplier database can be a daunting task. Ensuring that databases are filled with qualified vendors to compete for every RFP is equally challenging. For 15 years, we have provided solutions to help buying organizations of all sizes streamline their supplier management and purchasing process. mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing provides multiple tools within its SaaS solution that automate the bidder and supplier process. From vendor registration to evaluating and awarding opportunities, our customers have eliminated the manual steps within procurement supplier management. Automate your supplier management and increase your qualified competition with an mdf commerce e-procurement solution.

Key Challenges:

  • Maintaining a Bidder & Supplier Database
  • Increasing Qualified Bidders
  • Competition for Unique Projects
  • Supplier Diversity Program

Bidder Management

We understand the importance of up-to-date bidder and supplier information within your organization. Supplier and bidder management has been a front runner in pain points for our customers before finding the mdf commerce e-procurement solution. Maintaining a bidders list and keeping up with suppliers’ contact information can be a full-time job. Outsource the time-consuming burden of bidder management to mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing and allow your purchasing staff time to focus on other procurement initiatives. Bidder registration using the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing bid system is simple and easy. Suppliers register themselves with business and contact information that is kept up-to-date automatically. The centralized bid registry system is online and available to your purchasing team 24 hours a day. Keep your supplier information current and identify new potential suppliers as they register on your mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing bid system. mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing also has a dedicated Vendor Support team available Monday-Friday from 8 am EST to 8 pm EST to answer technical or registration questions from suppliers.

Supplier Management

mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing customers are able to reduce procurement cycle downtime and streamline unnecessary costs by centralizing their qualified supplier pool. We provide our customers online access to view complete supplier profiles at a glance. While registering, suppliers select from commodity codes that best match the goods, services or construction services they provide. This information is then displayed for buyers to see which bidders meet the requirements of a specific RFP or quote request. The supplier management process is online and automated, allowing reallocation of your buying team to focus on other procurement initiatives. Qualified bid competition is key to the procurement process. Need even more vendors for a select project? Access our national database of qualified suppliers to increase competition (supplier networks are available in the US and Canada). Our configurable registration form ensures that supplier pre-qualification options meet the needs of your buying organization.

Supplier Diversity & Pre-Qualification

mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing incorporates configurable processes for all regulatory and business compliance requirements. Extensive reporting features allow our customers to explore registered suppliers’ attributes such as W/M/DBE, industry certifications, location and internal business compliance options. We know that supplier diversity is important to many purchasing organizations. Our e-procurement tools enable your organization to identify and increase visibility for pre-qualified, diverse suppliers. Online pre-qualification forms can be set up for specific bid opportunities or for your buying organization as a whole. Moving the buying organization’s pre-qualification form online is a seamless process and reduces our customers’ spending on bond and compliance fees. Qualifications, certifications, M/W/DBE status or other internal criteria are configurable to your organization and stored in your online supplier database, which can then be used for reporting and bid distribution to specific groups of suppliers using “By Invitation” bidding.

Supplier Qualification

Ensure vendors are pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form.

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Invitational Bidding

Invite preferred suppliers to bid on opportunities that meet their specializations.

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Supplier Registration & Profile

Automatically pre-qualify suppliers and meet compliance requirements before receiving bids.

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System Interfaces & Data Feeds

Integrate existing ERP and accounting solutions in just a few clicks.

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Supplier Rotation

Increase transparency and meet equity requirements by automatically rotating your supplier pool.

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Bid Evaluation

Automatically organize, rank and list supplier bids according to configurable criteria.

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Supplier Benefits

A detailed breakdown of supplier and bidder benefits provided by the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing suite.

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In the past I would receive several phone calls a day from vendors about our bidding process. The Bid System has let me point them to something where all our bids are centralized. Everyone is playing by the same rules. I think this is very important in the purchasing world.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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