Award & Bid Results

Access a detailed account of your organization's bid and award history at a glance.

Award & Bid Results

"Who was awarded the contract?" If this question sounds familiar, the transparent option to publish award and bid results will allow all suppliers to view the awarded bid. However, the publication of awarded information and bid results is not always a mandate; the Award and Bid Results module, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing portfolio, provides the option to simply enter award and bid information for record keeping, facilitating the management of all awarded bids, solicitation results and associated information. A complete history of your organization's procurement initiatives including solicitation bidding results, vendor information, and related documentation is visible online at anytime. The information can be effortlessly integrated with the Buyer Dashboard, allowing bid and awarded data to be exported for reporting and analysis. Award and Bid Results makes it easy to reference your organization's complete procurement history.


  • Easily identify and audit internal users who unlock supplier bids
  • Define precisely what information, including bid amounts, suppliers and documentation, is included if publishing bid results
  • Complete audit trail and history of solicitation including awarded information
  • Award information can be entered for record keeping without mandatory publishing
  • Data can be used for spend & cost management analysis


  • Track decisions at each stage of the procurement process, including bid results
  • Increase transparency to supplier community with option to publish bid result information
  • Populate Buyer Dashboard with important information about bidding results for easy reporting and auditing


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When I present a contract for an award, it’s been nice to show that we as a purchasing function did everything we could do to get the best price and the best vendor awarded. That was not something I could do before because I was limited in the amount of responses received. I have not had an award challenged in the period we’ve been with the bid system.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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