Electronic Bidding Submission

Accept bids electronically and securely, saving you time and resources.

Electronic Bidding Submission

Paperless bidding saves you and your supplier time. Electronic Bid Submission, a module of the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing portfolio, allows for the secure submission of quotes, qualification information, and supporting documents by suppliers during the procurement process. If you are not ready to give up the paper bids yet, buyers can decide to receive the bid electronically, manually or allow suppliers both options. Easily create itemized checklists to ensure that all bids are compliant with qualification and documentation requirements to evaluate and award the bid. Identity authentication with unique PIN verification allows only authorized individuals to access documents, while encryption and integrity checks are applied to submitted files providing complete security and reliability.


  • Supports required documents for Electronic Bid Submission
  • Receive bids electronically, by paper or allow suppliers both options
  • PIN authentication ensure transparency and security
  • Data encryption, virus scan and integrity check applied to all submitted documents


  • Ensure that all received bids meet qualification and compliance requirements
  • Secure PIN ensure only individuals with authorization have access to documentation
  • Provide flexibility for suppliers to submit bids electronically, manually or both
  • Simple and easy to define qualification information and supporting documents required


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It really is a great system. It's a wonderful tool and I'm thankful for the service provided for us and New Mexico.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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