Buyer Dashboards

View your organization's procurement activities in real-time within a configurable, actionable dashboard.

Buyer Dashboard

Get a live snapshot of your buying organization’s procurement activity with Buyer Dashboards, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering. Our configurable dashboard automatically consolidates important data from every area of your organization’s procurement activity into an interface that is both visually attractive and easy to navigate. Our customers are able to view live data of their procurement activity as a whole, as well as drill down for further details. All data is easily accessed and is exportable to Excel for further analysis.


  • Multiple configurable dashboard zones with data selection
  • Data from each individual zone can be exported individually
  • All information is live and updated in real time
  • Choose drill down options by buying contact, date, or access all information at once


  • Access live information on all purchasing activity in a single location
  • Simple and visually appealing graphs give an overview of your buying organization procurement activity
  • Easily export data into Excel for flexibility during analysis


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The amount of reporting that is right at your fingertips is amazing, your board can no longer question how many vendors bids were sent out to.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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