Automated Tracking of Your Procurement Data

Ensure that every step of your bidding process is logged for auditing, and can be reviewed at a glance.

Reports & Auditing

The Reports and Auditing Module, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing portfolio, allows buying organizations to create, publish and share detailed reports with internal clients or management. Generate granular or full-scope reports at each step of the bidding process and easily export your data for analysis. View real-time data and project activity using the Buyer Dashboard. Discover all the features you need to simplify your procurement reporting within the Reports and Auditing module.

Full Audit & Reporting

Create in-depth reports or go granular using SourceSuite’s robust reporting features.

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Custom Reports

Generate custom reports that meet your needs using data from multiple SourceSuite modules.

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Buyer Dashboard

View your organization’s procurement activities in real-time within a configurable, actionable dashboard.

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