Bid/Solicitation Library

Save time by searching a vast bid/solicitation and RFP library and review your complete solicitation history at a glance.

Bid/Solicitation Library

Looking for specifications for a new product or service? Check the Bid/Solicitation Library and RFP Template feature for previously submitted requests and documents. The Bid/Solicitation Library and RFP Templates feature, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, allows authorized users to browse a complete history of submitted bids, RFPs, and related addenda associated with your organization’s procurement process. In addition, buying organizations have access to tens of thousands of RFP and bids through the Bid/Solicitation Library. Leverage and research previously used RFPs by your buying organization and others for thousands of projects, saving you time re-writing the specs needed from scratch.


  • Visualize complete history of all bids, RFP’s and addenda
  • Access detailed previously issued RFPs, documents and specifications from other organizations
  • Download documents to recreate and edit previous requests for goods, services and construction


  • Access your organization’s complete procurement history with a few clicks
  • Simplify specification writing by accessing detailed RFPs and documents
  • Increase efficiency by using an RFP template or aspects of specifications from previous requests


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Through the bid library you have access to BidNet’s national database. If you’re unsure of what to ask for, you can go out and see what other cities have posted. I can go into the bid library and get a minimum of 3-5 past bids that are similar to what I’m looking to send out. It’s extremely helpful.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director , Chaves County

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