Solicitation Management

Centralize all procurement activity and audit individual workflows from one location.

Solicitation Management

Keeping up with the details of multiple procurement processes can be difficult and time-consuming. Why not streamline your workflow by centralizing all solicitation, addenda and bid activity in one location with the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing Bid and RFP Solicitation Management feature? Search all your organization’s solicitations by status and benefit from dynamic editing options provided for each. Open solicitations may be accessed for viewing, modification, deletion or publishing, while closed opportunities allow a buying organization to view bidding results, prepare an award notification, or download detailed copies of bid proposals. Bid and RFP Solicitation Management makes it simple to add a technical contact to a solicitation, set out certification requirements for vendors, and to issue complex bonding requirements – all from one secure location.


  • Visualize all solicitation statuses, addenda, and bid activity in one location
  • Dynamic editing options for each solicitation, based on status
  • Simple to add technical contacts, award a bid, set qualification rules and more
  • Scheduled publishing allows the creation of a solicitation to be automatically published at a later date


  • Centralize all solicitation information and vendor bid activity in one area, streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency
  • Identify solicitation status, modification history and detailed bid activity at a glance
  • Easily download important documentation, review vendor information and modify solicitation status within our user-friendly interface


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I can actually go through the Purchasing System, post the solicitation, then send out to vendors in much less time than I can do through my own website. It’s a blessing for us. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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