Addendum Management

Publish document modifications, notify suppliers of changes and verify that addenda have been received.

Addendum Management

Notifying suppliers and ensuring receipt of your addendum has never been more transparent. Quickly publish addendums and modifications to bid opportunities with just a few clicks using the RFP Addendum Management feature. Documents, drawings and technical specifications are instantly updated and amendments highlighted for easy viewing. Suppliers can select to receive automatic notification of any addendum or modification to ensure knowledge when important changes are made. Many of our customers take material questions from suppliers and the answers to form an addendum. A history of all addendums is always logged, making it easy to track and audit amendments and modifications at every stage of the bidding process.


  • Changes are automatically highlighted when amendments are published
  • Notice of amendment is instantly sent to appropriate suppliers with changes highlighted
  • Complete log of all amendments and changes available for auditing


  • Instantly notify all qualified suppliers when an addendum or modification to the original RFP is made, saving time and improving transparency
  • Addendums are highlighted for visual tracking, ensuring changes are easy to see and understand
  • A complete history of addendums and changes are logged and viewable to all end users and suppliers with the click of a button
  • Save time answering questions by converting Q & A’s into an addendum available for all suppliers


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You are able to track if vendors have downloaded addendums or read through each document. The problem with doing notifications and addendums manually, there’s no way of knowing who has downloaded and if they’ve gone back in to look at the addendum.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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