Approval Workflows

Easily define who can access, edit, or distribute information within a workflow.

Approval Workflows

Your purchasing team, management and/or end users can work together to ensure a proper procurement approval workflow. Collaborative Approval Workflows allow you to easily define who has the right to access, edit, or publish within the procurement workflow of your organization. Opportunity publication, amendments, award results, pre-qualification and rotation of suppliers can all be integrated within a configurable workflow. Collaborating during the approval process with other members of the purchasing team designated on a per-RFP basis is an efficient and effective process. Simply indicate authorized users at each stage of your procurement process to ensure that approvals are regulated and authorized.


  • Configure your approval workflow according to your project needs
  • Access levels can be designated by role, position or specific individual
  • Notification system automatically notifies appropriate users when action is required
  • Complete history of document approval workflow available at a glance


  • Configurable and collaborative approval workflow according to organizational needs
  • Improve efficiency with automatic notification of actions required
  • Ensure only authorized individuals or roles can allow approvals, increasing security


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Our goal in creating this system… was to empower not only our own agency, but all agencies within the Florida Panhandle, by giving them access to a system that we control, is easy-to-use and saves us all time, money and resources. I don't think it will be long before purchasing professionals and vendors alike wonder how we ever existed without this type of system.

Judson Crane, Director of Purchasing, Santa Rosa County School Board

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