Commodity Codes

Classify vendors by NIGP, NAICS or other commodity codes, or integrate your organization's unique classification system.

Commodity Codes

Industry Classification Codes were created for a reason – why not put them to work? Simplify your organization’s procurement process and be more efficient when publishing solicitations using the Standard Classification Codes feature. Publish bid opportunities and distribute solicitation notices based on NIGP, NAICS codes or other industry classification standards. If your organization has its own classification system, the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing system is easily configured to input those fields as your classification standards. Narrow your pool of suppliers by industry and specific commodity code, saving time when identifying which vendors match specific bid opportunities. The Standard Classification Codes feature available in the system provides an additional layer of flexibility and functionality to procurement initiatives.


  • Categorize bid opportunities by NIGP, NAICS or other classification code systems
  • Match vendor qualifications with appropriate commodity codes
  • Easily integrate Standard Classification Codes with vendor profiles at the time of registration


  • Improve the organization of supplier lists by associating industry classifications with specific vendors, increasing flexibility when opportunity matching
  • Associate vendors with recognized industry classifications, improving transparency and regulatory efficiency
  • An additional layer of industry information streamlines your supplier qualification process


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I remember getting on the copier and making 20 copies of a bid, putting it in envelopes, tracking right addresses, and putting tons of postage on everything to distribute, as well as standing at the fax machine for an entire afternoon faxing addenda and verifying receipts. Now the process takes me less than five minutes to distribute a bid and about a minute to post an addendum, no postage necessary. The distribution is so simple.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director, Chaves County

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