System Interfaces & Data Feeds

Integrate existing ERP and accounting solutions with the Strategic Sourcing platform in just a few clicks.

System Interfaces & Data Feeds

Our highly configurable SaaS solution minimizes your IT team’s involvement while enabling flexibility of integration to enhance the procurement process. We know that keeping important data sets up to date and accessible across multiple platforms can be challenging and costly. Simple integration of your current data feeds, including ERP and accounting systems, with the mdf commerce e-procurement solution ensures continuity of data across management systems. Contract management, supplier information, bid notification feeds, and financial information can be integrated with a few simple clicks. Data Feed and ERP Integration further increase the efficiency and transparency within your buying organization.


  • Easily integrate ERP and accounting solution data with the Strategic Sourcing platform
  • Synchronous or asynchronous integration
  • Connect diverse management systems while maintaining data continuity
  • Full load and Delta load management for your IT team


  • Reduce data entry cost by integrating data feeds
  • Up-to-date information across multiple platforms
  • Improve efficiency by collecting all important data feeds in one place


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The purchasing solution is set up to change with us, they are really in tune to what our needs are and I give them compliments for addressing the changing times and new agencies that come on. The service is really easy to look at, it's great to use, the vendors love it and it represents New Mexico well.

Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director , Chaves County

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