Document Management

Distribute documents, specifications and addenda to your vendors instantly and securely.

Document Management

Why waste administrative resources in the mailroom when you can distribute important documents instantly and securely? The Bid and RFP Document Management module, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, automates the entire document distribution process, eliminating inefficiencies that are unavoidable with paper document distribution.

Reduce administration and mailing costs while ensuring that suppliers receive your RFP or RFQ and all attached addenda with the click of a button. Suppliers receiving electronic documents can access and view documents immediately, avoiding costly downtime associated with the distribution of paper documents. The Bid and RFP Document Management feature saves time, reduces cost and improves efficiency at every stage of your organization’s procurement process.


  • Your buying organization can distribute an unlimited number of documents including addendum, plan holder lists, and award information
  • Support for all file types associated with goods, services, and construction procurements
  • Recipients can quickly view, access and download important documents
  • All bidders have access to documents at the same time, mitigating any risk


  • Improve workflow efficiency and reduce administrative cost using Bid and RFP Document Management at every stage of the bidding process
  • Distribute all types of files and documents associated with goods, services and construction bid solicitations
  • Unlimited number of documents can be distributed to a select group of bidders or all suppliers
  • Ensure that suppliers are automatically notified about document changes and addenda


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I can actually go through the Purchasing System, post the solicitation, then send out to vendors in much less time than I can do through my own website. It’s a blessing for us. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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