Internal Client Management

Provide internal clients with secure access to documents and addenda from a customized dashboard.

Internal Client Management

Organizations need to be sure that security protocols are being followed. Your internal clients may require access to sensitive data. How will you strike the appropriate balance? The Strategic Sourcing suite, part of the mdf commerce family, makes managing client access to data a simple and secure process. Use the Internal Client and Purchasing Process Management feature to grant internal clients read-only access to the information they need without providing unnecessary "write access" to documents. Even create custom dashboards for your internal business units, populate them with configurable data feeds that meet their reporting requirements - while resting assured that the integrity of your data is safe.


  • Configure procurement governance rules on a per-client basis
  • Manage internal client access to documents, addenda and supplier information
  • Allow or disallow clients to create new contact information


  • Grant read-only access to clients without providing “write access” to documents, ensuring data is transparent yet secure
  • Set governance rules regarding procurement processes for internal business units or departments to follow proper procedures
  • Manage the creation of new contacts, providing flexibility for your client's workflow


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By using our system, our purchasing agents now spend less time on tactical activities such as copying and mailing and more time on strategic projects to save the County even more money. We were excited to open the system up to other agencies within our County so that they can realize the same savings our purchasing division achieves.

Director of Purchasing, Allegheny County

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