Quote & Item Management

Award bids to multiple qualified suppliers and compare quotes on a per-item basis.

Quote & Item Management

Do you want to be able to match suppliers with bid opportunities that best meet their qualifications? The Quote Management and Line Item Purchasing feature, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, allows opportunities to be published on a per-item basis, making it easy to compare prices and award bid requirements to multiple suppliers. Quote Management and Line Item Purchasing allows buyers to offer bid opportunities as a lump quote or on a per-item basis. This feature is especially useful when handling quotes for goods and itemized construction projects. Bidders have the ability to specify the quantity of items available, unit prices, and alternate items suggested.


  • Offer bid opportunities on a lump sum or per-item basis
  • Receive quotes for goods and services as well as construction items
  • Suppliers can provide quoted items with additional information including quantity, unit pricing, and alternatives
  • Visual grid comparison of supplier quotes


  • Offer itemized opportunities to suppliers according to their qualifications
  • Easily compare supplier quotes for each bid opportunity, improving efficiency and ultimately reducing costs
  • Award bid elements to multiple suppliers, diversifying your supplier pool and building relationships
  • Visual grid allows for easy comparison of supplier quotes


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Pointing our vendors to a centralized location has been very easy. It has been very seldom that I’ve had vendors with resistance to moving onto the bid system.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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