Solicitation Search

Search a history of your organization's procurement activities by region, vendor, closing date or keyword.

Solicitation Search

Need to know what’s going on within your buying organization? Whether you want a view of all open solicitations, or you are looking for a specific RFP, the Internal Bid and RFP Search is a robust feature. Search your buying organization’s open solicitations by region, category, buyer, contract type, closing date, or by keyword. Easily save your Bid and RFP Search criteria as a template for future use to save time when searching for specific open bid opportunities from your organization. Events requiring quick action such as mandatory bids or “By Invitation” opportunities are highlighted in search results, allowing for quick visual recognition. Each solicitation and addendum is audited and time stamped to easily track supplier's actions at every stage of the procurement cycle.


  • Search by region, category, buyer, opportunity closing date or keyword
  • Advanced search with multiple criteria can be saved as a search template
  • Automatic highlighting of important actions required, including mandatory bid events and invitations
  • Detailed information in search results, including opportunity description and addendum
  • Track suppliers who accessed opportunities, downloaded documents, and accessed addendum


  • Search options provide fast, relevant search results in custom sorting order
  • Saved search template makes future searches easy
  • Highlighting of actions required saves time and gives the full RFP snapshot
  • Easy tracking of supplier access to solicitations, downloads, and document amendments


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I can actually go through the Purchasing System, post the solicitation, then send out to vendors in much less time than I can do through my own website. It’s a blessing for us. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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