Electronic Questions & Answers

Instantly view and respond to supplier questions through a web-based discussion board corresponding with each open solicitation.

Are you tired of sorting through emailed queries from vendors? Say goodbye to managing supplier questions via fax, email or phone calls with the Electronic Question & Answer bid management feature, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering. Tracking and responding to supplier questions has never been more transparent or simple. Suppliers are able to ask questions through an online electronic question and answer board associated with your solicitation. The solicitation publisher can set a deadline after which questions will no longer be accepted, and even make questions publicly viewable while keeping the identity of the inquiring supplier private. You can keep the RFP or bid questions and answers private or public. Choosing to keep the questions and answers open to all suppliers prevents responding to the same question multiple times. Many of our customers take material questions from suppliers and the corresponding answers to form an addendum. Suppliers receive automatic notification of any addendum or modification to ensure they are aware when important changes are made. A history of questions and answers is always logged, making it easy to look back and reference for future solicitations.


  • Supplier questions and corresponding answers are located online and associated with a specific solicitation
  • Set a deadline for when supplier questions are no longer accepted
  • Access a complete record of all questions and answers for auditing purposes


  • Instantly respond to supplier questions online, saving time and improving transparency
  • Questions and answers can be viewed by all suppliers, limiting the number of repeat inquiries
  • A complete history of questions and answers are logged and viewable to all end users and suppliers with the click of a button


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Pointing our vendors to a centralized location has been very easy. It has been very seldom that I’ve had vendors with resistance to moving onto the bid system.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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