Invitational Bidding Bids

Invite preferred suppliers to bid on opportunities that meet their specializations.

Invitational Bidding

Are you looking to reach a select group of suppliers for specific bids? The configurable “By Invitation” solution, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, allows you to simply select suppliers and send out the bid opportunity. Suppliers can be invited to bid on contracts according to qualifications, location, standard classification codes, and other options. Invitation lists can be saved to use for future bid opportunities. Even non-registered suppliers can be added to the list and invited to bid, allowing you to continue to grow your pool of qualified suppliers with ease. The integrated tracking and auditing tool provides a detailed history of all invitations sent to suppliers with just the click of a button.


  • Invite suppliers to bid on contracts based on qualifications, industry classification, location, and more
  • Both registered and non-registered suppliers can be invited to bid
  • Suppliers receive invitation to bid via email
  • Easily track and audit all invitations sent


  • Create a central pool of registered and non-registered suppliers to simplify the procurement process
  • Invite only suppliers that meet your internal or external compliance requirements
  • Easily add and invite new suppliers to bid, even after the solicitation has been published
  • Tracking and auditing tools make the invitational bidding process simple to follow at every stage
  • Notify “by invitation” suppliers about bid opportunities automatically, reducing costs and improving communication


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It's a win-win situation for the district and its vendors. The vendors have free, centralized access to bid opportunities from multiple agencies, while we benefit from increased vendor competition and process automation.

Ronald O. Ross, Superintendent, Greenburgh Central School District No. 7

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