Supplier Custom Attributes

Define specific attributes or requirements that suppliers must possess in order to bid on an opportunity.

Supplier Custom Attributes

Wouldn’t it be nice if potential vendors had to meet your organization’s compliance requirements before submitting a bid? The Supplier Custom Attributes module, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, allows you to precisely define what information suppliers must provide when registering to bid on published solicitations. Used in tandem with the Supplier Qualification and Supplier Registration and Profile features, the Supplier Custom Attributes feature grants flexibility in configuration while ensuring that specific qualification requirements are met before a bid can be submitted. Vendors are assured that their organization meets all qualification factors at the time of registration, saving time while eliminating any uncertainties regarding compliance.


  • Easily define what information is required from vendors in order to bid
  • Custom requirements can be defined per supplier, per project, or on a line item basis
  • Integrates with Supplier Qualification and Supplier Registration and Profile features for a seamless vendor qualification process


  • Pre-qualify vendor organizations for project eligibility, ensuring that all bids meet solicitation qualification requirements
  • Define custom qualification parameters by vendor, project, or line item, providing increased flexibility within procurement initiatives
  • Save time and reduce cost by streamlining all aspects of the qualification process


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It’s a win-win situation for our agency and its vendors. The vendors have free, centralized access to bid opportunities from multiple agencies, while we benefit from increased vendor competition and process automation.

Mike McElgunn, Purchasing Manager, Detroit Public Library

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