Supplier Qualification

Ensure vendors are pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form.

Supplier Qualification

Is your supplier pool qualified to bid? Ensuring that a vendor is qualified to bid on an opportunity was once a time-consuming process. With the Supplier Qualification feature, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, potential suppliers can be pre-qualified according to your specifications using a configurable web form. Qualification can be set for all suppliers upon registration, or per RFP or RFQ. Set your criteria for vendor qualification, define the renewal process, and integrate Supplier Qualification with Collaborative Approval Workflows feature for maximum efficiency at every stage of the procurement cycle. No more worrying about vendor capabilities or security of documentation – simply set the rules with a few clicks and let us handle the rest.


  • Works with any type of qualification or pre-qualification form
  • Qualification approvals can be “tied-in” with specific workflows
  • Define qualification requirements and configure renewal processes
  • Create “By Invitation” solicitations based on qualification requirements


  • Create custom qualification forms for product continuity
  • Reduce bonding and compliance fees by managing vendor qualification requirements
  • Offline qualification forms can be configured into an online form in a matter of minutes


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In the past I would receive several phone calls a day from vendors about our bidding process. The Bid System has let me point them to something where all our bids are centralized. Everyone is playing by the same rules. I think this is very important in the purchasing world.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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