Supplier Registration & Profile

Automatically pre-qualify suppliers and meet compliance requirements before receiving bids.

Supplier Registration & Profile

Maintaining a bidders list and keeping up with suppliers’ contact information takes resources away from strategic procurement initiatives. Supplier registration no longer has to be a manual process and time-consuming department routine. The supplier registration portal, part of the complete mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing offering, makes registering to bid easy for suppliers and automates the registration process for your purchasing team. Our online supplier registration is quick and contact information is maintained directly by the supplier. The centralized vendor database provides our procurement customers with one place to interact with all of their suppliers, convenience for end users and allows suppliers to manage their own business information and profile to ensure the information is current and correct.


  • Configurable registration workflow allows our procurement clients to add specific attributes to the registration process, such as internal supplier number or disadvantaged business certification
  • Able to comply with regulatory and business processes
  • Vendor registration can be integrated with qualification, ensuring each registered vendor has been pre-qualified before receiving any RFPs or quotes
  • Global registration capabilities for suppliers located anywhere around the world


  • Save time with online, supplier managed registration and business information
  • You control the level of information required from vendors to register to do business with your organization
  • Attach pre-qualification to registration to ensure that each supplier has completed your organization’s qualification request
  • Visualize supplier diversity and other organization standards by viewing all suppliers in a centralized location
  • Live Supplier Support from 8 am-8 fpm EST for any technical support or registration questions


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In a lot of ways we’ve shifted the responsibility to the vendor, if you want to do business with the City of Hutton then here it is, on the Texas Purchasing System.

Randy Barker, Internal Services Manager, City of Hutto

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